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Product Name: FG Series High Precision & Direct Pressure Injection Molding Machine(80-250T)
  • 1. Liquid filling type and large diameter hydraulic cylinder, center direct clamping, the template deformation is less than 0.05%.
    2. Combind pressure holding system, maitain clamping pressure consistent.
    3. Double differential cylinder, symmetric fast moving mold auxiliary mechanism, advanced synchronous mechanism, mold plate running fast and smoothly, maximise the mold open and close speed.
    4. Oil free lubrication mold clamping system, machine running fast and smooth, there is no oil leakage on the surface.
    5. Large mold thickness, compact overall optimization design, mold open stroke increased, suitable for much longer product.
    6. Single cylinder injection system, uniform stress, fast response speed, decreased energy consumption, improving the production stability of precision products.
    7. Servo control, double closed loop control, significant effect on energy saving, reduce system heat and decrease the noise.
  • 1. European imported KEBA Computer
    2. World famous brand hydraulic components
    3. World famous brand main electric components
    4. World famous brand seal components