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Product Name: P Series Injection Molding Machine(150-680T)

  • 1. Adopting integral casting European standard T slot mold plate, loading and unloading molds more easily.
    2. Applying PET specialized screw, increases PET plasticizing ability and
    3. Enlarged optimal design of injection system increases the production
    capacity over 20%.
    4. Independent oil circule control for mold openning and mold ejection make
    these two action synchronous, shorten the cycle time of production by 1.5 seconds.
    5. Applying European imported KEBA industrial computor with wiindows control
    system, provides Humanization technological setting and 500 groups parameter storage.

  • 1. European imported KEBA Computer
    2. World famous brand hydraulic components
    3. World famous brand main electric components
    4. World famous brand seal components