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Product Name: CSD-550S/X1-20L Injection Molding Machine
  • 1.The optimized elbow bar type high-speed clamping mechanism ensures the ultra-high precision and ultra-long service life of the machine because of the low pressure stress at the joint.
    2.Optimize the five-fulcrum clamping mechanism with hyperbolic elbow, which has strong clamping force, fast speed, stable operation, reliable performance and large modulus of volume.
    3.After detailed analysis of the template design, the rigidity of the template is greatly improved by using the support continuous casting structure, which not only reduces the deformation of the template, but also reduces the processing difficulty and further reduces the cumulative tolerance.
    4.Simple and precise adjusting mechanism of mold thickness ensures enough constant clamping force, which can be adjusted automatically according to clamping tonnage.
    5.Efficient injection mechanism: the screw adopts imported materials and then is tightly nitrided to make the screw high-quality and durable, and the reasonable length-diameter ratio makes the plasticization better; the high-precision linear guide rail reduces the movement deviation of the injection process to ensure higher injection accuracy and efficiency.
    6.KEBA advanced control interface, high-speed microprocessor, ergonomic layout, direct menu key access, data image monitoring, self-diagnosis and fault detection capabilities.
    7.Closed-loop PID temperature control, accurate temperature control, excellent process control stability.
    8.Servo motor drive system has fast response, high repetition accuracy, low noise and more energy-saving (30-50% energy-saving compared with conventional machines).
  • Name of Major Accessories Brand Origin
    Servo motor Xincheng China
    Servo controller Xincheng China
    Gear pump Sumitomo Japan
    Hydraulic motor Eaton Sino-foreign Joint Venture
    Hydraulic valve Vickers /Yuken US/Japan
    Pressure transducer Yuken Japan
    Seal ring NOK Japan
    Controller KEBA Austria
    Contactor Schneider France
    Circuit breaker Schneider France
    Travel switch Omron Japan
    Proximity switch Omron Japan
    Displacement sensor NOVOtechnik Germany